Home Remodeling Guide: Top Furniture Trends in 2019

2019 Furniture Trends

The new year has just begun. Do yourself a favor and let go of the past—and the old, outdated, rustic sofa you’ve been lounging on since god-knows-when. If that’s what you’ll do, you will need some tips. Worry not, we prepared a list of 2019 furniture trends to guide you through.

2019 Furniture Trends You Can Use to Revamp Your House

When it comes to redecorating your house, every home design expert knows that furniture completes the aesthetic of the living space. Hence, a conscious effort to choose only the best and most suitable pieces is a requirement.

To help you realize a home that is cozy and on trend, here’s a list of the top 2019 furniture trend you can take inspiration from as you go about that much-needed home revamp.

1. Jewel-toned pieces

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Jewel-Toned Pieces

Elegance never goes out of style, which is why jewel-toned decors are still trendy this year. Glam up your home by adding vividly hued furniture and accessories, and pair them with Pantone pastels to achieve a balanced, layered, cozy design.

2. Multipurpose furniture

Overhauling a huge space is a simple mix-and-match, but redecorating a tiny room is different since you can’t exactly place a centerpiece that’s as large. Fortunately, it’s made possible with multifunctional furniture. With few adjustments, you can turn your chair into a bed or the ottomans into storage.

3. Lucite tables

Lucite acrylic table is a great addition to your home. Because they’re transparent, Lucite tables create an illusion of a wider, open space, making them perfect for small areas. In case you’re wondering, there are also Lucite chairs you can pair with the table.

4. Indigenous furniture

Indigenous Furniture

Modern-style pieces of furniture made of indigenous materials like bamboo, coconut shell, and rattan are also one of the top furniture trends in 2019. Every piece takes homeowners closer to nature, even when they’re in a high-rise building.

5.  Custom-designed crafts

In an era of mass-produced goods, good custom-designed furniture—which exudes craftsmanship and authenticity—is greatly appreciated. If you want something different this year, it pays to check out the local artisan shop and find sets of furniture you can redecorate your home with.

6. Art Deco

Art Deco masterpieces are making their comeback in 2019, so it’s a nice time to revamp your home with glasses, chromes, mirrors, and bold prints.

7. Four-poster beds

Four-Poster Beds

Like Decos, four-poster beds have been named one of the best 2019 furniture trends, thanks to modern-day furniture makers who added a little twist to the classic bed style. A modern four-post bed gives a subtle sense of safety and comfort with its thinner posts, darker tones, and simpler design.

8.  Bar carts

Classic home furniture pieces are making a huge comeback—and bar carts are one of them. These luminous, metallic carts can only take up a little space in your house but can store liquor bottles and glasses. For these reasons, bar carts make a good pop-up bar that comes in handy during parties.

Now that you know the 2019 furniture trends, you can redesign your home with total ease. If none of these ideas work for you, stick with what you like instead. Keep this in mind: nothing you really like is ever out of style.

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