List of Top Favorite Filipino Desserts: Part 1

List of Top Favorite Filipino Desserts Part 1

Filipinos are naturally sweet-toothed. In fact, you’ll find that every Philippine province has their own sweet delicacy. In every meal, a sweet course or two are always present in the table. So in the first part of our list of the best Filipino desserts, which are also considered as snacks, we’re going to feature several of the most requested dessert recipes of our readers.

Favorite Filipino Desserts

Whether or not you’re the type to go for the sweet treats, once you’ve tasted these Filipino desserts, you will definitely ask for more.

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Mango Float


Dessert With Graham Crackers and Mango

This oh-so-delicious Filipino dessert is a real favorite because it really is delectable. You only need graham crackers (crumbs or whole, it’s fine), condensed and evaporated milk, and of course, ripe mangoes. After mixing the two kinds of milk and slicing the mangoes, arrange them in layer like the one below on a Pyrex or on any clear glass container and put it in the ref for a few hours before consuming.

Want to make one? Learn our Mango Float Recipe.



Halo Halo Dessert

Halo-halo is a very popular Filipino dessert during hot summer. It’s actually a blend of shaved ice, evaporated milk, with many other ingredients including sago, minatamis na saba, sweet beans, leche flan, jackfruit, sweet ube, coconut gel, ice cream, and sometimes corn flakes. It is usually served in a wide bowl or tall glass. This dessert can both quench your thirst and fill your stomach.

Ice Cream


Filipino Ice Cream

This particular Filipino dessert needs no introduction. It is available in almost any flavor you can think of. This frozen sweet delight is a regular fixture at every occasion in the Philippines.

Ube Halaya


Ube Halaya

One of the most well-loved Filipino desserts, ube halaya is made from mashed purple yam, coconut milk, and sugar. It’s so delectable, that’s why it has become a popular ice cream and halo-halo ingredient. Try our ube halaya recipe.





It’s a sweet flat rice cake also called kakanin available in all Filipino markets. Palitaw is made from ground glutinous rice flour mixed with water to form a flattened dough. It is then cooked in a boiling water until they float, hence the name palitaw. Once cooked, simply sprinkle the top with grated coconut and sugar before consuming!

Puto and Kutsinta



Puto and kutsinta (or cutchinta) are another type of steamed rice cakes. While puto is white and soft, the kutchinta is jellylike because of the lye. You can find these goodies anywhere in the Philippines.


Leche Flan


Leche Flan Dessert

Despite being high in cholesterol, leche flan made its way into the hearts of the Filipinos because of its smoothness and richness. Its goodness just melt in your mouth and you totally forget about your diet.

It’s actually very easy to prepare. Check out our easy leche flan recipe.



Sweet Kalamay

Kalamay means sugar, but this recipe’s ingredient is not just pure melted sugar. It’s actually a glutinous rice flour mixed with coconut milk and cream and stirred for a long time in the pan before sprinkling with muscovado sugar on top.





Together with banana cue, turon is another one of the most popular Filipino desserts. This is so popular that you can find this being sold on almost every street near schools and other important establishments. It’s simply a banana saba wrapped in a spring roll wrapper deep fried in a boiling oil with melted sugar.

Buko Salad


Fruit Salad

Inspired by halo-halo, buko salad is a cold snacks and a mixture of various ingredients such as canned fruits and corn. Its main component is shredded young coconut.






With the Philippines being one of the top banana producers in the world, it’s not surprising to find various banana recipes in the country. One is maruya, which is also called banana fritters. It’s simply a banana with flour and sugar bonded by egg.

Did you find your favorite Filipino desserts on the list? If not, wait for the part two of this series, it will surely be there.

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