Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Coron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan—voted by Travel + Leisure‘s readers as one of the best islands of the world several years in a row—is replete with scenery and tropical enchantment. There is so much to see and experience in Coron that planning your itinerary can be quite a challenge. Let us take you to just ten of the sights in Coron, Palawan that you should behold.

Must-See Tourist Attractions in Coron, Palawan

1. Kayangan Lake

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Kayangan Lake

This iconic gem of Coron is accessible through a steep 10-minute climb. Dubbed the cleanest lake in the Philippines, Kayangan is 70% freshwater and 30% salt water and is maintained by the local Tagbanua tribe.

2. Twin Lagoon

Twin Lagoon

Not far from Kayangan, two lagoons converge through a small cave-like opening, which one may swim through during low tide or climb a ladder over during high tide. The view when you make it through or over the cave will take your breath away.

3. Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados

Colorful coral reefs surround Coron, but the most popular among them is Siete Pecados—thick layers of extensive and bizarre-looking corals carpeting the seafloor, providing shelter to an abundance of marine life. If you’re lucky, you may even see green turtles wandering by.

4. Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck

Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck

The US Navy attacked Japanese vessels anchored in Coron Bay and around Busuanga Island on September 24, 1944. Today the wrecks are heavily encrusted with sponges and corals, attracting divers from all over the world. Diving toward the Lusong Gunboat won’t require you to strap on a tank or hand out a diver’s certificate. This historic gem rests just between 5 and 10 meters deep.

5. Maquinit Hot Spring

Maquinit Hot Spring

Emanating from a nearby underground volcano, the water from Maquinit can be as hot as 40 degrees Celsius. The Maquinit Hot Spring is said to be the only saltwater hot spring in the country and one of the few in the world. Taking a dip in this two-tiered circular pool is best experienced during or after the sunset, when you just want to soothe your nerves after visiting the island’s several destinations.

6. Club Paradise

Club Paradise

With hundreds of massive fruit bats in the trees; monitor lizards and herons in the lagoon; sea turtles, giant clams, black-tipped reef sharks, huge porcupinefish underwater; and octopuses right offshore—the animal lover in you will surely not go home disappointed.

7. Mount Tapyas

Mount Tapyas

If you’re seeking hikes and heights, climb the 718 steps to the summit of Mount Tapyas. Its peak is marked with a giant white crucifix, and the 360º view from the top is beyond spectacular. Having your endurance tested will have been rightfully rewarded.

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