Nature at Its Best: Top Tourist Destinations in Camotes Island

Camotes Island Cebu

It’s never too late to go on that much-needed and well-deserved vacation. Heavy workload and hectic schedules leave us craving for a trip off the grid or just a simple getaway somewhere nobody can disturb you as you enjoy your time in the sun.

There are a lot of places in the Philippines you can visit for your trip. In a country that has 7,107 islands, you’ll never run out of places to visit. One of the most popular is the Camotes Island.

Located east of Cebu Island and north of Bohol, the island of Camotes is everybody’s ultimate summer destination. But even if it’s not hot season, you can always go there and just bask in the beauty this island has to offer.

Tourist Destinations to Visit in Camotes Island

Here are the tourist destinations in Camotes Island worth stopping by.

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Camotes Beach Island

Lake Danao

Lake Danao
Camotes may not be the largest island in Visayas, but it’s home to the largest lake in the island group. Lake Danao and its whole 680 hectares of water has been attracting tourists for its peaceful ambiance. It is also abundant with flora and fauna grown by the residents living by the lakeside. As soon as you get there, you will be greeted by coconut trees and several plant species. And if you’re brave enough to go kayaking onto the middle of the lake, you will get to see more.

Speaking of kayaking, caretakers of the lake give visitors a chance to enjoy activities like kayaking and exploring the entirety (or almost) of the lake from the comfort of a sakanaw. With an entrance of Php15, Lake Danao Park allows you to enjoy nature’s gifts the best way possible.

Borromeo Beach

Borromeo Beach
What better way to spend a summer day than taking relaxing strolls along the beach. And if you’re in Camotes Island, the best place to be is the Borromeo Beach. Located in Bakhaw, Esperanza, in the municipality of San Francisco, Borromeo Beach is a long stretch of white-sand paradise. One thing that really draws tourists to this place is snorkeling, through which guests get to have a closer encounter with marine life.

If you want to stay longer so you could enjoy the place even more, worry not, as the Borromeo Beach Resort has rooms or even a whole house up for rent you—or you and your friends, if you brought them along—to spend the next nights in.

Bukilat Cave

Bukilat Cave
Camotes Island boasts eight heaven-sent caves that have always attracted tourists from all around the world. All eight caves are equally enchanting, but probably the most popular among them and one of the best tourist destinations in Camotes Island is the Bukilat Cave.

There in the underground cave will meet you natural pools perfect for a midday swim and ancient stalactites and stalagmites that make the cave look like it’s taken straight out of a fairy tale.

Timubo Cave

Timubo Cave
While Bukilat remains the most popular among tourists, the Timubo Cave is just as beautiful. The crystal clear water inside the cave is enough reason for you to take another trip to Camotes Island the next summer.

Mangodlong Beach

Mangodlong Beach
Here’s another one of the top tourist destinations in Camotes Island beach lovers flock to—the Mangodlong Beach.

Just like the Borromeo Beach, Mangodlong can also be found in the town of San Francisco (looks like this town is where you find most beautiful beaches in the island). The turquoise waters you will find there will make you not want to leave the island, we tell you.

The travel to Camotes Island does not always go smoothly. At times, the weather just ruins everything. But once you get there, you will get the kind of vacation you thought would forever remain a dream. So pack your bags, purchase that ticket, and have the best getaway you deserve.

Can’t get enough of the summer fun? Be sure to stop by on some of the beautiful and famous beaches in the Philippines.

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