8 Unsung Tourist Spots to Visit in Cebu

Spectacular Spots to Visit in Cebu

The island of Cebu is known for so many things. The start of the month of January ignites the excitement for what would be one of the biggest annual festivals in the country, the Sinulog. The event attracts millions of visitors from all around the world and gives guests a glimpse of what Cebu has to offer. But with this comes the misconception that what you see during Sinulog is everything there is to see in the province.

Which is entirely wrong. The whole island is a different paradise with a rich history and a lot of tourist attractions that are worth visiting. And although a few other places like the Osmeña Peak, Magellan’s Cross, and the Basilica de Sto. Niño are all gaining attention, there’s more to Cebu than these popular spots.

Lesser-Known yet Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Cebu

You don’t have to forget about dried mangoes and Magellan’s Cross, you just have to lengthen your must-try activities and must-see places when you visit Cebu again. Here are unsung tourist spots in Cebu that are equally deserving of attention.

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1. Balay sa Agta, Argao

Balay sa Agta Argao
Photo credit: Tropical Vacations

The municipality of Argao is perhaps best known for its annual La Torta Festival, which celebrates the place’s tradition of making torta, a popular delicacy. While it is true that the torta cake is Argao’s best asset, this income-class municipality hides beautiful places that are worth visiting too, and one that is truly a must-visit is the Balay sa Agta.

If you’re fond of exciting outdoor activities, the Balay sa Agta is the perfect stop for you. The trek to this hidden paradise might not be too easy, but when you get inside the cave, everything will pay off. The inside of the cave is actually very cold, so you might want to bring a little cover-up.

2. Barangay General Climaco, Toledo City

Malubog Lake
Photo credit: Wandering Soul Scamper

Malubog Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Cebu, but it’s also the subject of hearsays about a scary creature. Called the mantalaga, this mythical character is believed to be capable of showing unimaginable rage if people do not respect the place. A number of paranormal activities are also observed in the area.

Nevertheless, the lake remains to be one of the most eye-pleasing tourist spots in Cebu attracting spectators from all walks of life. But it seems like it hasn’t been gaining the amount of attention it actually deserves. So if you’re still in the middle of completing your travel bucket list, make sure to leave a spot for Malubog Lake. If you still have time, you can also visit the equally beautiful Malubog Falls.

3. Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan

Carnaza Island
Photo credit: D’yan Lang

Outdoor trips are almost always about beaches. Well, if you think so too, then one of the best tourist spots in Cebu to visit is the Carnaza Island. The crystal-clear waters of the island will make you want to extend your stay. Not to mention, the island has hills and caves that are simply very enchanting.

The Carnaza Island is found in the northernmost part of Cebu. While it is true that there are more popular places in the area, specifically the Malapascua Island, the island of Carnaza is just as worth the visit.

4. Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

Panagsama Beach, Moalboal
Photo credit: Cebu Blue Waters

As it has always been, Cebu is famous for the white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, and if that’s exactly what you came to the province for, Panagsama Beach in Moalboal should be on your list. Not only is it the perfect place for a good rest under the sun, you will also get to see a bunch of sea turtles in the area! Now that’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

5. Cathedral Museum of Cebu, Cebu City

Cathedral Museum of Cebu, Cebu City
Photo credit: Flickr/Cathedral Museum of Cebu/Constantine Agustin/CC-BY

If it’s the history of Cebu you’re more curious about rather than the amazing works of nature, here’s a tourist attraction that best fits your interest: the Cathedral Museum of Cebu.

Opened in November 2006, the museum is one of the tourist spots in Cebu really worth visiting. It has attracted researchers, students from faraway cities, and just about anyone with a curious mind. The museum mainly houses artifacts and other items that are reflective of how life was during the Spanish era. Among its most notable parts are the galleries.

The first gallery at the Cathedral Museum has photographs that show the spread and growth of Catholic faith in Cebu. Second gallery has memorabilia of the highly revered Cardinal Ricardo Vidal. The third one contains photos of ancient churches. The fourth gallery introduces visitors to the saints recognized by the people, complete with statues from different parishes. The fifth one has a display of chalices and ciboriums, and the last gallery has a sample bedroom of a priest.

6. Lambug Beach, Badian

Photo credit: D’yan Lang

When one hears the word Badian, almost always, the very first thing that comes to mind is the Kawasan Falls. Little do people know, the city is home to several tourist spots in Cebu that are rarely visited just because they are unheard of. One is the Lambug Beach.

With its clear waters and powdery sands, a visit to this beach is bound to be unforgettable and worth the long travel. And with a tourist destination as enchanting as this, you’d expect to pay at least a hundred pesos, but here’s the thing, you can enjoy the amazing view it has to offer without paying a cent! Yes, it has no entrance fee. More reason to spend that much-needed break at this alluring place.

7. Candongao Peak, Dalaguete

Candongao Peak, Dalaguete
Photo credit: Skyscanner

You don’t have to delete Osmeña Peak off your list, but maybe it’s time to lengthen it and add another summit: the Candongao Peak. True, Osmeña Peak will always be more popular, it’s the highest point in Cebu, after all. But that should not stop you from climbing another peak. And if you’re up for that, this equally beautiful wonderland in Dalaguete is the best place to be.

It should be noted that this one is for the patient and the brave, as the climb can take up to two hours, and there are rock formations that are hard to climb. But once you reach the peak, the breathtaking view that will greet you will make you forget all that.

8. Mount Kan-Irag, Cebu City

Mount Kan-Irag, Cebu City
Photo credit: predu_wolf

Another less-explored treasure nestled in the uplands of Cebu is Mt. Kan-Irag. For hikers and adventure-seekers, this hidden paradise is a must-visit. The trek to the top of the mountain requires strength—and bottles of water—but it’s definitely worth the sweat and tears. It makes a great camping site, and it offers and unobstructed view of Lapu-lapu City and Mandaue, something you don’t get to see anywhere else.

The island we’re on is a big secret garden just waiting to be discovered. Just like these unheard-of tourist spots in Cebu, there are a number of places out there that nobody talks about but are unbelievably captivating. Next time, you might want to widen your search.

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