Trending Bathroom Designs in 2017

Trending Bathroom Designs in 2017

A bathroom may not be the most important part of the house, but it certainly is an essential place in your home. It’s the area where you do your hygiene, relax under a warm shower, and do your beauty routine—in other words, it’s a place where you spend much of your time every day. So why not turn it into space where you can truly enjoy. Gone are the days when the bathrooms are designed solely for its purpose, dull and functional. The modern trending bathroom designs are now stylish without compromising functionality. Here are a few ideas you can emulate at home.

Latest Trending Bathroom Designs for this Year

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Dark Colors

Dark Colors

Not long ago, dark colors are off limits in the bathroom as they bring out that oppressive and melancholic feeling. But latest trending bathroom designs prove that dark colors, if used right, can actually add some sophistication to the bathroom. Just look at the picture above.

Marble Stones

Sophistication and Class

Marble always has that stylish and classy ambiance, giving you that royalty feeling every time you use the bathroom. The downside is it’s a bit expensive; however, you have an option to use synthetic instead. The same look can be achieved at a lesser cost. This design will continue to flourish this year.

Use of Timber

Bathroom with Timber Walls

The use of timber in the bathroom is coming strong as one of the trending bathroom designs for this year. Wood in bathrooms brings the element of nature. It gives warmth and life in your bathing room. Just make sure, though, to use water-resistant timber for it to last.

Stone Walls

Stone Walls

Stone walls are another alternative to add earthy elegance to your bathing space. You don’t have to worry about it being wet as it’s naturally impervious. In addition, it’s available in various natural colors and textures, which add to the room’s interior design. If you love the feel of nature in your bathroom, this design is for you.

Vintage Design

Classic Monochrome

Classic bathroom designs never wane. Just incorporate modern touches or patterns such as mosaic tiles in a monochromatic black and white. It looks perfectly spectacular.

Bold Statements

Bright and Vibrant

If you like a lively bathroom, this next trending bathroom design is for you—filled with bright and vibrant colors! You may use one or two pastel colors or even go for rainbow, nothing is overboard. It will look lovely!

Green Bathroom

Natural Greenery

Green plants and flowers are always a great addition to any space in your home. It brings color and fresh air in the room. It gives your bathroom a feel of nature and positive vibes.


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