Trending Bedroom Designs in 2017

Trending Bedroom Designs in 2017

Don’t we love coming home to a clean, chic, and cozy bedroom after a long and stressful day? A bedroom is one if not the most important place inside your house. It’s the place where you can relax and rejuvenate, it’s your personal sanctuary. So design and decorate your room according to your personal taste. Using the top trending bedroom designs this year, make it stylish yet comfy.

Aside from the list of exterior house design trends, we have here a list of trending bedrooms designs that we predict will continue to be a favorite in the coming months. Although modern designs are lovely, timeless and classic designs are in demand. It’s your call, implement only what you love most.

Trending Bedroom Designs You Must See

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Quirky wallpaper

Eccentric Wallpaper

We predict that daring bedroom decor such as eccentric wallpaper will be popular this year.

Open space illusion

Open Bedroom

Floor to ceiling windows and glass panels have been favored by architects lately for the right reasons: it allows fresh air as well as the natural light to freely enter your room. It also gives you that sense of openness, allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty of your surroundings, plus large windows and glass panels are nice to look at.

Bedroom as a multipurpose space

Multi-Purpose Bedroom

It is said that a bedroom is a room for sleeping only and nothing else. But this year, we see bedrooms to be more than just for slumber. You can turn your personal space into a bedroom and study in one or basically anything simply by obtaining multifunctional furniture.

Going green

Bedroom Design Ideas

Undoubtedly, neutral color is a perfect choice of color for almost anything in your house, but if you are into darker colors, going green is one of the trending bedroom designs this year.

Upholstered bed

Creative Headboards

Move over, wooden headboards, upholstered headboards will be the thing this year.

Wall decals and quote artworks

Quote Artworks

Guess mugs, clothing, or cushions are not enough for writing quotes because this year’s trending bedrooms designs will lean toward quote artworks. But we are hoping this type of design will eventually fade.

Return of the wood

2017 Bedroom Trends

Cost didn’t deter people from patronizing wood for bedroom ideas. In fact, the demand is increasing and this trend is going to continue in the coming months.

The modern classics

Classic and Contemporary Design

The mixture of modern and classic bedroom designs has been popular since the beginning and will continue to be in style for the years to come.

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