Trending Kitchen Designs This 2017

Trending Kitchen Designs This 2017

Thinking about updating your kitchen or perhaps looking for some ideas to have the perfect kitchen you’ve always dreamed of? Browse through this list of 2017’s trending kitchen designs we’ve prepared for your inspiration.

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This Year’s Trending Kitchen Designs

Gray Is Cool

Trending Kitchen

If you don’t have a particular color yet to paint your kitchen, consider using gray in your kitchen cabinets. Although color white is still popular and will continue to be for a long while, design experts are favoring the mixing of deep tone gray this year. Gray-colored cabinets matched with richly stained wood flooring is one of the trending kitchen designs this year.

Refreshing Colors for Sinks

Colorful Sink

It’s not just cabinetry that’s veering away from the usual white or stainless. The trending kitchen designs now are leaning toward attractive colors such as green and red. Colorful sink is a refreshing addition to a neutral-colored kitchen.

Use Daring Fixtures

Oversized Light Fixtures

Colors are not the only things that make trending kitchen designs exciting. Bold and large fixtures can achieve that too.

Maximizing Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage

If you have a limited area for your kitchen, it’s always wise to make the most out of the remaining space.

Colored Quartz

Quartz Counter Tops

For a while now, quartz and other natural stones have been dominating the kitchen scene. So it’s likely that you have a design with that particular hue in your own house. The good news is, you don’t have to

Hidden Cabinets

Hidden Appliances

Built-in cupboards and cabinets and hidden storage are seen as one of the trending kitchen designs in 2017. Appliances like the microwave oven, coffee makers, and other utensils can be kept out of sight behind doors. This design is practical and will make your kitchen look tidy.

Oval Shapes Are In Again

Oval Elements

This 2017, sharp edges are out, oval and rounded shapes are in.

Embellished Flooring

Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles can brighten up a dull kitchen. You don’t have to add or change anything, the pretty tiles can do the job. Among the hottest tile designs is the Mediterranean style, but there are also some who favor geometric patterns.

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