Trending Living Room Designs in 2017

Trending Living Room Designs in 2017

The holiday season is over, and it’s time for us to go back to our pre-holiday daily routine, formulate—or recycle—New Year’s resolutions, or simply continue living. But for others, they see the new year as a time for a house makeover. Whether it’s a major renovation or minor redecoration, browse through these lovely photos of trending living room designs that we think will be a huge hit this year.

Trending Living Room Designs You Can Mimic

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Wood Furniture and Neat Decoration

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture coupled with minimal decorative objects have been around since the beginning. What makes this design popular throughout the years despite the countless contemporary designs cropping up is it makes a house look and feel homey.

Metals and Copper Decoratives

Metals and Copper

Functional items in brass, copper, and other metal finishing look good when combined with neutral-colored materials such as wood and marble. They look elegant and timeless. These trending living room designs are here to stay for this year at least.

Natural Stone Wall

Natural Stone

Stone finishing idea has been around for a long time. The design’s longevity only proves how effective this kind of architecture is. Natural stone walls give off cheerful and cozy ambiance in the living room in comparison to the cold and dull appearance that a concrete wall exudes.

Warm Shade of Colors

Warm Tones

When choosing the right color for your living room, consider warm tones for a refreshing and cozy room feel. Choose the color that will make your room look lively under reflections of light, natural or artificial.

Pastel Shades

Living Room Design Ideas

What’s great about pastel shades is that it easily blends in with the other colors or stand out if you want to.

Raw Textures

Natural Textures

Woodsy design looks lovely like the one above.

The Minimalist

The Minimalist

Simple layouts like this are now considered cool and among the trending living room designs this year. Despite having less furniture and decors, the design is far from plain; in fact, it looks cozy and inviting.

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