Valentine’s Day Destinations: Fall Deeper in Love with Your Lover and the Philippines

Valentines Day

Planning your Valentine’s Day getaway? Look no farther than the Philippines. Composed of 7,641 islands, the Philippines will never disappoint you when it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas. File those vacation leaves now before it’s too late!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations Around the Philippines


Unforgettable Valentines day in Batanes

A Valentine’s date in Batanes will truly be unforgettable. Batanes is the Philippines’ own version of New Zealand. Everywhere you look, you’re surrounded by rolling green hills, cliffs, a few grazing cows or carabaos, and the ocean far beyond. In some areas near the coastlines are villages filled with age-old stone houses covered with thatch roofs. The culture of the natives here is still quite intact. You and your partner will have fun befriending the warm, friendly Ivatans and experience their calmness and resilience firsthand, as well as their unique traditions. 


Unforgettable Valentines day in Baguio

Baguio will always make lists of romantic getaways, and this one is no exception. Nature lovers just dig the parks, campsites, forests, farms, gardens, lakes, and waterfalls here, and the climate of this mountain range city is popular among lovers and newlyweds due to its cuddle weather. Artsy couples will also love the museums, collections, coffee shops, murals, and architectural wonders here. The Igorot people of Baguio will make you fall in love with the place even more and the whole Valentine’s vacay will make you fall in love with your partner all over again.



If you both find colonial architecture romantic, Intramuros is the place to go. Experience old world charm on cobblestone roads and horse-drawn carriage rides and in ruins and museums. A hint of nostalgia lingers within the city’s limestone and coral walls. Even McDonald’s and 7 Eleven branches here are amusingly built with that Spanish vibe. Dining in restaurants here like the famous Ilustrado Restaurant will make you feel like a serenade, slow dance, romantic poem, and love letter are in order. If you live farther north, Vigan will make for a good alternative.

Iloilo City

Unforgettable Valentines day in ILoiLo City

You might want to tour around the city of love just in time for Valentine’s Day. Staying true to its moniker, Iloilo boasts modern establishments such as restaurants, bars, and hotels and well-preserved centuries-old buildings, churches, and houses at the same time—perfect for couples who love exploring sights, food, nature, architecture, history, and culture. Head down to the Iloilo River Esplanade for a romantic riverfront dining experience or to Bucari Pine Forest for a camping and nature adventure. Make sure you got your vacation leaves ready to spend a day discovering the destinations this beautiful city has to offer and perhaps end the weekend in Boracay as a bonus!

Panglao Island, Bohol

Unforgettable Valentines day in Panglao Island, Bohol

Start and end Valentine’s day right with the perfect views of the sunrise and sunset. Home to many underrated beachfront destinations, Panglao is Boracay’s peaceful counterpart. Think Boracay sans the crowds, noise, and long line of establishments. Couples looking for privacy and paradise are naturally drawn to the island’s fine white sand, warm water, and trees. It’s a destination of repose and wonderful sights.

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Bantayan Island

The metropolitan center of the Visayas is a narrow chili-shaped island smack in the middle of the region, so it’s blessed with beautiful shorelines and doesn’t suffer from devastating typhoons that much (storms pass by quickly because of the island’s shape and geographical location). Cebu is actually composed of 167 islands in total, and the most popular romantic destination for singles and couples alike is Bantayan Island. Featured in movies and international articles, Bantayan is Cebu’s own Boracay. Just like Panglao, it’s free of crowds, but Bantayan is just a lot cheaper. For a much more affordable price, your Valentine’s experience in Bantayan will feel relatively luxurious. And if beaches sound so overrated to you, there’s an eco park, mangrove garden, lagoon, butterfly garden, and a cave here. History buffs will love the ruins, the 1580s church, and the 1970s fort. 

Eden Nature Park, Davao City

Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park is indeed Eden. Located in the district of Toril in Davao City, Eden Nature Park sits at the foot of Mount Talomo. You’ll have a chance to explore a wildlife sanctuary of 80 hectares full of exotic birds, plants, flowers, and insects. This nature park is actually 95% man-made, but it has handsome scenery, including 100,000 tall forest trees and 100,000 pine trees. If your feet grow tired, you can always hop on their 45-minute shuttle tour to save time. The fresh natural scents make this the mother of all camping sites in Mindanao. 

Lake Sebu, Cotabato

Lake Sebu

Ride a boat across the iconic haven surrounded with lotus plants that is Lake Sebu! As a travel destination, the municipality of Lake Sebu seems to have it all: scenic lakes, majestic waterfalls, lush forests, pristine streams, and the rich and unique T’boli and Ubo culture. Besides enjoying the natural beauty of the place, your Valentine’s day can also be filled with a number of exciting adventures like water biking, water tubing, zip line riding across seven waterfalls! The natives are also very engaging. They’ll show you their weavers,  dancers, and singers. You’ll be introduced to an entirely different society where natives capitalize on the beauty of their ancient culture.

Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte

Dapitan Place

Are you a daredevil duo? Spend Valentine’s Day at Dapitan for the wild rides in Gloria’s Fantasyland. Every night, the theme park showcases a grand parade and a festival of lights! If you still haven’t had enough, head over to Dakak Resort for an action-packed date. There are loads of things to do there, such as bungee jumping, trekking, zip lining, rock and wall climbing, horseback riding, airsoft, banana boat riding, jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and speedboat riding. Wind down in the historical spots of the locality to end the getaway. Our national hero is well remembered in Dapitan due to his exile here. Visit his shrine, where many of the trees you see were literally planted by him. He also built five nipa huts in the area!


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