Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Partner This February 14

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It’s the love month once again! Have you thought of a good Valentine’s Day gift already? No matter the price tag, what your partner deserves—and will surely love—is a gift that shows you truly care. To help you pick the perfect gift, here are some unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can use. Note that these are not only perfect for the heart’s season but also for birthdays, anniversaries, or random days you want to surprise them.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Take Inspiration From

Years into the relationship and several special occasions later, you have probably run out of gift ideas already. You want to play it safe and give something you are sure they will love, but you also don’t want to turn to clichéd presents like stuffed teddy bears or a new hat. You must be panicking right now since the Feast of Saint Valentine is only days away, but it shouldn’t be that hard. Let the following list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas guide you.

1. Favorite food

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, which is also true for women. Does your partner like pork adobo? Do they fancy a crispy recipe of lumpiang shanghai? If yes, why not prepare a meal with all of their favorite food? Your significant other will surely feel appreciated knowing that you remember the food they like.

2. Song composition

Even if you’re not good at singing, penning a song for your loved one is worth a try. Anyway, if they love you, they wouldn’t mind you being tone-deaf; it’s the message that matters. You can start by writing a poem, then grab your guitar and put a melody to it.

3. Handwritten letters

If you can’t really add melody to the poem you wrote, that’s okay. You can write it neatly on a decorated piece of paper and give it to your partner. You can also write a letter about how much they mean to you or the unforgettable moments you shared. And to add a more romantic touch,  spray the paper with your favorite perfume.

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Handwritten Letters

4. Explosion box

This idea is relatively new, so you’ve probably never tried making one. An explosion box is basically a crafty box with sides that cascade outward when the cover is removed. This is such a fun way to personalize your present on Valentine’s Day because you can put pictures, short letters, or sentimental keepsakes inside the box.

5. Food bouquet

Can’t decide between a bouquet of flowers and food? Why not settle for something that somehow has both? Give your partner an edible bouquet. You can stuff it with the food your boyfriend or girlfriend likes. This is more expensive than you regular flower bouquet, but at least, they can eat it.

6. Pencil-drawn portrait

You can also opt to get your partner a pencil-drawn portrait? It can be a portrait of them, the two of you together, or your kid (if you have one). This is one of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will make a great addition to your photo wall. It lasts a lifetime too! Try calling a local artist to check for rates, but if you can draw it yourself, that’s better.

Pencil-Drawn Portrait

7. Concert ticket

If your partner’s a die-hard fan of an artist or a band since time immemorial, then a concert ticket would be the best gift you can give. Be sure to get at least two tickets so they don’t have to watch it alone.

8. Vacation trip

If your significant other’s been wanting to go out of town to unwind, take matters into your own hands and plan the vacation yourself. You can create a travel itinerary for both of you. Consider taking a dip in the crystal-clear waters in the country’s most famous beaches or check out some famous festivals in the country. Once the trip is all set, give them the reservation tickets on Valentine’s.

9. Succulent plants

Succulent plants symbolize determination, so they make a great gift with great meaning. They can even make use of these plants for their garden or their mom’s.

Succulent Plants

10. Pet dog or cat

An adorable little puppy or kitten jumping out of a beautifully wrapped box will surely make your partner cry from so much joy. So if you have an animal lover for a partner, this is one of the best—if not the best—Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

But even if you can’t give them anything on Valentine’s Day, remember that your presence is more than enough. It’s just another day that will soon pass by; what matters are the days and months and years that follow and your continuous effort to show how much they really mean to you.

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