Here’s Why You Should Visit Tagaytay Soon

Why You Should Visit Tagaytay

“The city of character where you can dine, stay, play, and pray”—this is how the government of Tagaytay introduces their city on their official website. The tagline alone is enough to convince you to pay the city a visit at least once.

Tagaytay’s weather is usually the reason people give when asked why they want to visit the place at least once. But there’s more to this component metro than its climate that makes one of the most popular tourist destinations.

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tagaytay at Least Once

From the weather to the picture-perfect scenery, here are some of the reasons why you should visit Tagaytay even when summer season’s long gone.

1. Food delights

With all the great restaurants that serve some of the country’s best foods, it is almost impossible to stop yourself from going on a food trip.

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There’s the tawilis, a certain type of fish that can only be found in Taal Lake located near Tagaytay. The fish is served in several restaurants that specialize in local cuisine. Another is the bulalo belt, a specialty that tourists could never get enough of. You won’t have any problem looking for places that serve the mouthwatering bulalo, as you can get it pretty much everywhere.


Desserts are worth a try too! You can try their oven-dried fruits, cheesecakes, and yogurt ice cream.

2. Enchanting scenery

Tagaytay houses some of the best tourist spots in the country. One of the must-visit is the Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world. A swim in the sulfur-dilated lake at the volcano’s peak is something you just can’t not try. This and the magical view that will greet you make the almost an hour drive from the town proper worth it.

Tagaytay Tourist Spot

Other places you can visit include the Georgina Gil-Lacuna where you can find the world’s largest collection of jigsaw puzzles, the Glass Museum, the Korean Temple located along Silang Road, the Calaruega Church in Nasugbu, Fantasy World in Lemery, and Sonya’s Garden, which looks straight out of a fairy tale.

3. Leisure locations

A Tagaytay trip won’t be complete without visiting the Sky Ranch and riding on the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines, the Sky Eye. Sky Eye gives you an exhilarating view of the entire Tagaytay and the Taal lake and volcano. At the same leisure park, you can also try horseback riding and other activities the whole family will surely love.

Sky Eye

To make the trip even more unforgettable, go on a more challenging adventure by zipping down the mountains in Picnic Grove. If that’s too much for you, you can ride the cable car that travels above a breathtaking eco trail. Or you can visit the Paradizoo, a 12-hectare farm where you can see different species of plants and animals.

4. Cool climate

While the Philippines is undoubtedly a tropical country, with Metro Manila temperature going past the 40 degrees Celsius mark, you could name at least ten places in the country that enjoy lower temps. One is Tagaytay.


The city’s cooler weather is one of the main reasons why you should visit Tagaytay. At times, it even out-winters Baguio, making it one of the best cities to go to during summer. But even when sunny days are long gone, it is still worth stepping into for its jaw-dropping attractions.

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