9 Wooden Homes That Are Perfect for Filipino Families

9 Wooden Homes That Are Perfect for Filipino Families

Do you ever dream about owning a cozy vacation home? This could be a perfect getaway for the whole family! Houses don’t have to be costly; affordable materials like wood allow you to build a strong and durable space that won’t break the bank.

Wood is an ideal choice for building homes in tropical countries like the Philippines. It is a natural insulator that is effective in isolating cold and heat. Aside from being a good thermal insulator, wood absorbs noise, creating a space that is both warm, peaceful, and relaxing. If you happen to be on the hunt for some inspiration in building your dream home, then you’ll get some wonderful ideas here.

9 Simple Wooden Homes and Cottages for the Whole Family

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1. A small and simple cabin

Home Designs

This simple cabin is perfect for a small family. Its rustic design provides the perfect vacation environment when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

2. A scenic view

Wooden Houses

The traditional Filipino home is called bahay kubo. No bahay kubo is complete without a small terrace to enjoy the wonders of nature. Instead of going for the traditional polished and dark bamboo wood, try opting for a lighter shade. The light color of the wood contrasts wonderfully with the green grass and natural backdrop.

3. A spacious one-story cabin 

Wooden Made Houses

If you have a bigger family or want an extra room for house guests, then you can model your cottage like the one pictured above. If you choose to position your home in the middle of an open area, make sure you have some parts of the yard covered with trees to provide cool shades.

4. The cabin on a hill

Woodmade House

It may sound like the working title of a new horror movie, but a hillside cabin is everything but terrifying. It is a serene retreat at the heart of the province. With the right amount of ventilation and lighting, you can build the perfect getaway from all the stress big cities bring.

5. A cabin in the woods

House Design

Wooden homes nestled in the heart of the forest have been a childhood dream for many folks. To give it a modern touch, try adding tall window panels like the example above.

6. A serene, modern space

Beautiful House

Speaking of modern window panels, the elaborate window design of this home makes it look like an enchanting fortress. It is a unique and modern take on the traditional bahay kubo.

7. The bahay kubo by the lake

House by the Lake

If there is one thing great about the Philippines, it is that there are natural wonders everywhere you look. Want a house by the lake? You can build one on a whim. Make sure you elevate the home to prevent flooding during monsoon season.

8. Your childhood fantasy brought to life


The design of this home looks something taken straight out of a whimsical movie or the witch’s home in the classic children’s story “Hansel and Gretel.” Obviously, this wasn’t designed for a fearful witch, but it will be perfect for a loving family. Don’t you just love the unique details of this home?

9. A well-balanced home

Woodmade House Design

The minimalist design of this home is perfect for those looking for a well-balanced and spacious structure to live in. Wooden homes like this are ideal for couples and small families.

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