5 Beautiful Wooden House Ideas Fit for Filipino Families

Wooden House Ideas

Wood is one of the most abundant building materials in the Philippines. The country has a wide variety of wood species including the kamagong, molave, and narra. Continuously serving their purpose as a building material, these wood pieces are sold in markets at a reasonable price. Wood will always be revered for its natural appeal, timelessness, and durability. It is present in almost every home, often becoming the structure’s main building material. You will find a couple of wooden house ideas that are sure to make any Filipino homeowner feel inspired to start their own project. Browse through the gallery of stunning wooden homes below.

5 Wooden House Ideas Perfect for the Filipino Setting

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1. Massive farmhouse

Farm House Design Ideas

Rural provinces like Batangas, Tarlac, Laguna, and other scenic areas in the Visayas and Mindanao boast the most beautiful farmhouses. Wood is a common material used to build these houses, as its naturally warm tone helps bring out the relaxing vibe of the province. A large balcony is a great detail to add in your farmhouse, as it allows you to really soak in the incredible views the countryside has to offer. To complete your farmhouse, turn the wide outdoor space into a lush garden. Growing a garden is bound to help take away all the big city stress you’ve been holding in.

2. An enchanting cottage in the woods

Cottage in the Woods

Wooden cottages are the perfect dwelling place for anyone who wants to get in touch with nature. Turn your rustic dreams into a reality by building this home in the middle of the woods. Wood cottages can house as many as three people. Don’t forget to create a comfortable living room with patio doors that lead to your garden. To prevent this tiny space from getting flooded, you can always slightly elevate the home.

3. A modern rustic home

Rustic House

Modern urban living meets simple rural life in this lovely dwelling place that is also reflective of a real Filipino contemporary design. The concept of rustic modern designs reached its peak after the year 2000, with thousands of California residences adapting this style. This design method uses elements that represent the twentieth century juxtaposed with the luxuries of a modern home. The exterior of the house above features an elevated patio, which is perfect for spending time outdoors and admiring the view. Inside, it is easy to spot the contemporary details like the glass panels and modern furniture, making it one of the best wooden house ideas for those looking to live in a house so simple yet still reflects design trends.

4. A perfect blend of wood and stone

Wood and Stone House

While color is always an exciting way to liven up a home; there really is nothing as soothing as a neutral color palette. Choose colors that are abundant in nature like brown and beige. Pictured above is one of the best wooden house ideas, which perfectly illustrates how a combination of stone and wood can be used to create a beautiful and relaxing home. As an added plus, the home features a balcony to allow your family to breathe in some fresh air.

5. Breathtaking wooden courtyard

Gorgeous Wooden Courtyard House

Wooden courtyards are both cozy and beautiful. From floor to furniture, this wooden courtyard has an unmistakably rustic feel to it. It’s almost as if you’ve created the perfect escape without ever leaving the comfort of your home. The white doors help highlight the warm tone of the wood while the flowers and throw pillows add a touch of color.

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